Find classic cars in the London barn

Find classic cars in the London barn

It's sale day and there's been excitement in the air for eight short weeks since we've been in that old monkey factory in London, 200 miles away here in Preston. It was an incredible logistical feat to get all the cars here to get them ready for the sailboat that happened. They all shone at their best, some anyway. peugeot four or three and it's a three or four but I like its falcon style I'm the only one who does that because that way I can buy it cheap let's see what happens

Lots of excitement, aren't there a lot of people here? Not that what caught your eye today, look at Maurice Minor, you made me scream all over the jam, you saw my stuff I got for this. one thing worth restoring maybe not worth restoring but for the fenders and the other good parts its worth buying the engines that fell off the bottom like you said they picked up the dropped center beam by chance but still need love not what is your advice to someone 

Find classic cars in the London barn

who doesn't like you or isn't in the business or isn't a professional but comes to something like this thinking they might be stuck in a deal what are the best buying tips of auctions for people who check the car 100 

when you buy it in the auction that you want disappears once you bid and you own it so go through it below and take a look there is always a list of documents and other things that the house of auctions will load for you, so just go in there, do a search, do a quick search check it out, or if you like it, just start the dashboard and bid on it

The tape wouldn't say that on camera but he confessed to me that the car he's looking at isn't Miner Morris it's M. I was under that car looks great it doesn't really stand out but it's in excellent condition probably the best here if it's less than three thousand he's not buying it for the stock he's buying for himself i'm not surprised it's an absolute belt

There's a sense of excitement in the air, can't you understand that it's not some old cars but we're all running around people's faces standing around like kids at Christmas? 

Well, last night, at a quarter to ten at night, a truck stopped on the road, and since this is the second junction, that we were going to leave the south island, we arrived here last night in half cars Interesting, something outstanding, you were surprised all cheap nothing was lost capri didn't end up doing what we thought it would but sold make your reservation what about the turbo iris that got stronger after 24-5 It's the biggest barn in Britain Find out it's not Yes in terms of numbers 

It's the biggest big barn you can find in Britain right now Oh hive, I was going to ask you what's next How are you going to do that? Yeah we'll see how we do today where we let the dust settle Then I'll start attacking these posts again and I hope the February trip goes well. It was great fun hanging out with the biggest barn in Britain. 

I discovered that he had not had any peugeot cabrio. Last minute deal but I'll be back in February to try my luck so I guess in the meantime. the best thing is to be happy with the seven cars that I already have including this one see you in February

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