I found an amazing classic car inside an abandoned factory - يلا شوت الجديد

I found an amazing classic car inside an abandoned factory

I found an amazing classic car inside an abandoned factory

In this episode of Forgottenbuildings, we'll explore one of my all-time favorite places I've visited so far, namely the forgotten textile factory somewhere in the Italian countryside that hasn't been touched since the 1980s and the diversity of the different buildings was indeed one of those special places Join us and discover the hidden past of this old textile factory, and we started our exploration in the woods around the old industrial complex of which we really didn't know the exact entrance to this place so we had to look for a possible access point unfortunately not so lucky in the little house finally,

By the way, we created a hidden entrance behind some rubble. Interests This outstanding feature can be implemented in the garage. Only one car was ever made in the world, but now this oddity with its sleek, slanted lines is slowly rotting away in this garage next to an old Lancia, where all sorts of classic vehicles are found.

Like this old Ford Capri and an old Moto Guzzi motorcycle From today they steal the classic Lancia by drilling a big hole in the wall with this we'll move on to the next part of the land and it was a real textile factory, well it is However, raining so hard, we kept heading towards one of the next buildings. After a fairly wet quick run, we arrived at one of the main production rooms. 

However, this corridor was completely empty, we quickly moved to the most interesting parts of the factory and immediately found one that was a bathroom everywhere, but with rot. The green and its branches covered the windows. in the dilapidated toilets next to the toilets the real machines start to look like everything is in perfect condition.

I found an amazing classic car inside an abandoned factory

I really felt that the production stopped unexpectedly due to the large open containers. This room was probably used to dye textiles near the corner. The next part we wanted to check out on the other side of us 

On this side we discovered a very strange sight This was the factory warehouse here and here we discovered that the entire warehouse is always full of clothes still wrapped in Italian flags marking the 40th Anniversary of Liberty in Italy, how this was still unknown to us, but we'll get to that later in the video. In the warehouse, we also created a calendar dating back to 1991, so this place could be empty for 28 years? What do you think?

Now let's move on to other highlights of this huge industrial complex, but while we do that, let me give you a quick history of this old factory. This place was built in the early 20th century along the banks of a mighty little river so it was ideal because you can generate electricity from such a strong current. After a few years of success, the site is aging and the overall output is starting to decline. moving to low-wage countries, we will see the reason for closure This factory is more in the video. 

The land we found through a small but beautiful medical bay that was still filled with all kinds of old school medical equipment next to this little room we again fell into a deep decaying room filled with all kinds of paper rolls of which, in fact, are a kind of symbol of the spinning machines.

With these symbols, the machine can create a pattern using the fabric. Behind the room we enter another main production room with two interesting sections filled with old Singer sewing machines, but the highlight of this section is this room. The Old Workshop This room was surprisingly decomposed.

The colors of the machine combined with the green of the moss on the wall really made this room one of the best in the factory Taking pictures of this beautiful room we noticed the sound of a large jet of water somewhere near us so So we decided to follow the sound to find out what was going on. 

What we created was a stream with a very strong current. It was for an old hydroelectric plant, which meant we were close to the power plant, so our job was to spot this old power plant through the windows. we could already see badly damaged boilers next to the boilers with the door open.

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