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1974 Dodge Challenger Restoration Project

Well the project Matt comes to you with what you know another project I had on a 1974 Dodge Challenger and when they had to work they would probably end up giving it to them because I'm more of a CUDA guy myself and hey what I seem to be with the matching pair you know so well. 

The girls back home are pretty tough anyway, it's a product of the 80's. Some Astral body guys have had this thing back then and they actually did a number on a French box. These lights here you can see. they are all made of bondo and nothing

I don't know what happened in there, but I find it a shame the engine bay is so clean, in fact, it looks like someone was getting ready to drop an engine in there or whatever, rumor said it was a 444 speed car. That's it

1974 Dodge Challenger Restoration Project

I plan to return it to you. I have a 440 in the back of the truck over there and a 727 that I'll probably just use to get it on the road but either way it's very clean in prime locations you know the frame rails and all that but there's rust on the part of under the doors you have to place them and they need quarters.

Chrysler windows had a little roll cage that was installed in the back back in the day and that sunroof which was definitely not my favorite thing to do because it totally destroyed the roof but it has those old seats you know are seats with interior velvet inside the upholstery of the car was stolen the dashboard is from years ago and the VIN number went with it

It's probably MIDI in some way but the car has a clean title and a Pennsylvania state title it's not a bad car like you said they had and they put these quarters in there and they did some really bad body work and they just see the line of the bodywork disappearing there i'll show you can see the roof that was completely destroyed it definitely needs a new roof it seems to have rusted at some point so it fixed the look and also the bodywork is there so in the labs

I mean it probably is, but we do surround it with a Firebird backplate on the inside, which is kind of weird. I don't know why they did it, but I kind of liked it. I prefer five lights 370 to 274k as someone who goes through the lights. the trailer is on the rear panel so all i'm going to stick with for now is the plan to roll the car down the road and drive as is and then see if we can figure out its chassis we're not going to turn it into a show car perfect nothing like

But sure you can make it cute and you know they'll bring it back and you know it keeps the black and white theme and you know the car is like a street machine like the 80's so that's your reality for all you street racers. It's the fact that what the '80s did to these cars wasn't very favorable.