Review of the old car 1969 Dodge Dart and driving at a speed of 700 hp

Review of the old car 1969 Dodge Dart and driving at a speed of 700 hp

The white Dodge Boys beanie is being sold at a special discount. You can have options like luxury vinyl wheel covers on white walls and many more. Follow the good guys and watch today's special white beret car races. 

racing behind the wheel yeah there's no room for a lot of my halves besides he asked me to put the power steering on them at the same time but I was like oh my god it's a joy to put the power steering on that gas here and that's fine for a six

The mileage definitely doesn't go out of style quite custom although that pistol grip never came on this car but I mean it's cool so who cares Christ definitely feels everything yeah the most big problem with the kindness of Paul, this car looks good, drives well, everything is great but traction is limited

Review of the old car 1969 Dodge Dart and driving at a speed of 700 hp

But then again if you're not racing who cares exactly but you've got a lot of power that you have to respect as you drive you'll probably drive 30 or 40 mph in second gear and hit and this car will go to the side that's definitely on my mind because it has a normal street tire that doesn't have any slippery bumps or anything like that so it won't 

have much grip but yes, it's great fun. hello everyone here from manderscheid media today we have a special custom gift this is a green machine this is mopar this is custom and this is a super hemi cabriolet 69 dart gt now this car has started life it's a 273 automatic eh obviously it's not a 273 actually it's actually a 1968 chrysler, 426 hemi warranty block, and then there's the black crankshaft key, so it's about 500 inches engine cubes

I've never been a dyno but we'll rate it somewhere in the 700 hp range that's again pretty dumb very clean uh yeah I started my life in North Carolina actually with engines RK as example front plate and from there i went to winnipeg and from winnipeg i did southeast saskatchewan and now she lives in saskatoon very good motor everywhere so parking brakes and clearance are definitely a problem if you can if not can you say yes it is a gm alternator

Review of the old car 1969 Dodge Dart and driving at a speed of 700 hp

We'll get to that but again they're very clean so all the wires except the wiper motor are under the firewall so there's no heat in this car but again , it's a mild weather driver, so don't worry. being very cold driving temperatures it has stock like the green and green Hemi Dart then we have the white interior which looks great against the green GT logos it has the 727 which is basically a more reverse manual transmission if you look in the valve body

The neutral reverse selector is the same and now it's the first second and the drive so it doesn't automatically up and down, you have to do it yourself. Eight and three quarter frame connectors. to each other it's basically like i said it basically looks like a race car that's it and that means it looks great also it's a very good one well made car that is the standard 69 dart kit and there are the aftermarket gauges added just something like that you want to make sure you get all the info straight to the driver just a left side mirror no fender signal or nothing

It's a custom post as you said it was 273, the old model is listed as 273 and there are some videos at the bottom. You'll also see it very sharp, it's green at the bottom and green at the top, so take advantage of that. and don't forget to hit the like button and tell all your friends  

again if you want to see anything else By all means 

I try to show as many of these cars as possible some snippets of information you may or may not know again i just tried to document some of these cool cars that my friends or family have and once we get to you know you can skip all that and we will look at some particular models but no i have some great videos that show like i said thanks for watching bye bye now

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